Preparing for Christmas 2018

Preparation for Christmas 2018 starts with taking a trip down Christmas 2017 memory lane. Last year was one of our most memorable family Christmas get togethers. Most of our family from overseas had returned home for Christmas and we had a huge family get together over Christmas lunch.

This year, we are continuing the new tradition of Secret Santa, with the dirty Santa twist. This is the third time that we have agreed to go with the dirty Santa option, we tried once to do the proper Secret Santa but the youngsters prefer the raucous fun of dirty Santa. We are a very loud family and the laughing, screaming and shouting that takes place during the opening and stealing of presents makes for a lot of fun!

As family of three, we only need to buy three gifts for Christmas. We have five youngsters who are school going age or younger, so I have decided to buy gifts for the children under 10 and to give the teens cash which I’m sure that they would prefer in any case. The limit for secret Santa gifts set by the host this year is R200 (about $12) and I’m really pleased with what I have come up with for this price. My gifts are all wrapped and ready to go!

We rotate Christmas lunch between three of us. When it is my turn, I buy a fresh tree and we decorate the house with all the trimmings. This year is not my turn, so there is narry a tinsel or bauble in sight! Every family brings a dish for Christmas lunch and we have got to the point where we all have a signature Christmas dish. I usually make a summer trifle and my mom makes a Chinese specialty dish called red pork. With my mother being away for Christmas this year, it has fallen on me to make the red pork. So my daughter will make the trifle. We have to make two trifles; a dairy and a non diary. My daughter has made both trifles already and they are in the fridge ready for tomorrow. The non dairy trifle below is shrink wrapped and ready to be topped with a luscious layer of Orley whip (non dairy creamer) just before serving tomorrow!

Before I go to bed tonight, we will prep for the red pork. The ingredients are cubed pork, chopped garlic, red rice, sugar and red muscadel. It takes about an hour to cook so I will rise early tomorrow to get the cooking started before we leave for church.

The last thing I have to do tonight is to wait for my daughter to go to sleep so that I can sneak her Christmas present into her room. It’s a tradition we’ve had for years. It’s just that now that she’s older, she goes to sleep later and it’s hard for me to wait! What I did last year was to sneak early into her room while she was still asleep. Perhaps I’ll do that again this year 😉

From my family to yours, may you have a blessed Christmas 🙏🏼

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