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Food for Thought

I am so pleased with my weight and fat loss! I have lost 6kg and 6% fat. The fat loss has been the more remarkable of the two. And I have dropped more than a dress size and the difference in my silhouette is unmistakable.

I still have a way to go to reach my target weight – 7kg to be exact. Actually, I adjusted my target weight, if I had kept to my original target I would only have 3kg to go. I feel terrific already and right now I cannot imagine what it will be like to be another 7kg lighter. And I am already worried about not being able to wear my favorite jeans! But as my daughter says, I can always go and buy a new pair of jeans.

I only started seriously on my weight loss journey in mid-April. I have always tried to cut down here and there, but whenever I saw or smelled food, I would dig in as if there were no tomorrow. So what triggered this recent ability to resist overeating? I was shown a picture of a friend’s father’s belly – before and after embarking on a Herbalife program. His before belly looked just like mine. I was just a little nauseated. I decided that if he could do it, so could I. Still, I am surprised that I have stuck to my plan and that I have achieved such great results.

So to what do I attribute this remarkable change in me?

Intermittent Fasting

The great thing about IF is that I feel great when I wake up every morning. My tummy is empty and flat, I feel light and energetic and I have no desire to eat until much later in the day. There are fewer hours in the day, so there is no doubt that I am eating a whole lot less. So instead of eating three meals a day and a whole lot of snacking in between, I only eat twice a day with no snacking. In fact, I recently completed a 22 hour fast and did a training run before breaking my fast. There was only time that day for one meal!


Herbalife has a bad rep in some areas, but it really works if you just do it. It’s a fuss free way to get good nutrition. Now that I have started working again, I prepare my Herbalife meal at home and pack it for the office. I have very little time to eat at the office and the Herbalife meals have been a lifesaver. I add blueberries and nuts or granola most days to add texture to the meal. I also add Herbalife tea to my water bottle at the office which encourages me to drink more water every day.


I can feel my glutes and quads working when I run! And more recently I have been pumping my arms to help get me up the inclines (I can’t call them hills even though they feel like hills!). Also, before I started working again I used to try and train in a fasted state to encourage my body to use fat for fuel. I think it worked. So I’m trying to fast for longer on a Wednesday which is when I get to leave the office early for my midweek training run.

Tasty Food

Finally, I believe in enjoying my food! I have cut down on carbs significantly but if I feel like having pasta or pizza, I will eat it and enjoy it. My portion sizes are just smaller and my plate will usually be filled with salad or vegetables. And I still occasionally enjoy a glass of wine or a gin and tonic with my daughter.

So let’s take a peep into my world of food!

Loved this salad with warm goats cheese wrapped in pancetta
Can’t go wrong with oysters! And a glass of wine 👌🏼
Parmesan crusted chicken with vegetables
Warm oats with raspberry coullis, blueberries and nuts
Warm Herbalife hot chocolate
Herbalife chocolate milkshake
What my Herbalife lunch looks like most days
Herbalife luxury chocolate cheesecake
Roast chicken with salad, kale and roast veg
Herbalife pancakes with stewed apples and coconut cream
Warm Herbalife with Horlicks. My favorite nightcap.

Portuguese style peri peri giblets. Have to have bread to soak up the sauce 😋

Late Woman’s day breakfast this morning. My family’s plate on the top, mine at the bottom – sans bread

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