Easter Blessings in a Pandemic

The Christian holidays are observed in South Africa and so we have a long weekend to celebrate Easter.

Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ at Easter. For some, this will be a great comfort. For others, this could not have come at a worst time. How can you possibly even think about celebrating the holiest of days on the Christian calendar when you may have lost a loved one, or you have a loved one struggling to survive Covid-19?

We could spend our time wallowing in self pity. There are many good reasons to be doing so. Or we could use this Easter to express our gratitude for all the good that still surrounds us.

So let us be grateful for our health, for our healthcare and other frontline workers. Let us be grateful to our countrymen for keeping us safe by staying home and following recommended prevention measures. Let us continue to be hopeful that we will flatten the curve. Let us be grateful that we have a time like Easter, even during a pandemic, to remind us that rebirth and renewal is possible. And let us keep one another in our prayers.

May you all be blessed abundantly this Easter. Stay healthy, stay safe.

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