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My 84 year old mom made masks for the carers in her retirement home.

My 84 year old mother lives in a retirement home. When lockdown was announced, the matron gave us the option to fetch our parents. I chose to leave my mother there. There are only 25 residents and she stays in her own cottage. They are all still healthy and well after 20 days of lockdown, so hopefully that was the right choice.

Today my mother posted on our family WhatsApp group that she had sewn 26 masks for the staff of the home. She had seen the pattern on one of the videos doing the rounds and decided to give it a try. Not the prettiest of masks because she used scraps of material which was all she had. But it looks like the masks improved as she went along.

The matron told me later that they have run out of masks for the staff. And she asked me if I knew where to get the face shields that are worn by the cashiers in the grocery stores. She said those were ideal to protect both the cater and the resident.

So I did some research and found two places that have stock. And I ordered ten for the home. They will be delivered in a few days time.

I am very proud of my mother. Even at the age of 84 she can still contribute.

The matron sent me a pic of the masks she made. The matron said this is all that they have right now.

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