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A Herbalife Shake A Day

The great news is that I have finally joined the Herbalife team! After all these years of taking the products!

Herbalife is a very exciting organization to be with right now. They have overcome their earlier reputational damage and the ethics that they apply in their business resonates with my values. And so I am very happy to be associated with the brand.

So how has Herbalife already benefited me? Well, there is no doubt that the products have supported my healthy weight loss. I have also rejuvenated my running regime going from zero during lockdown to running every single day! And after more than 6 weeks, I am still injury free. In the past, I have always restarted with running 3 days a week and building slowly. Not this time!

I have been taking Herbalife products on and off for years, but recently I have started taking the products consistently starting with the Herbalife breakfast. The Herbalife breakfast consists of the Formula 1 shake, Aloe and Tea. To ensure that I conserve lean muscle mass when losing weight, I almost always add extra protein to my shake. Either Protein Drink Mix which adds body and thickens your shake or Personalized Protein which I love in a warm shake.

Of course I have favorite flavors of everything! The Summer Berries Shake is my all time favorite (behind Cafe Latte). It is clearly a favorite with many in South Africa because they have been out of stock for two months now! And I love the mango aloe! I drink it several times a day in a tall glass of water; on a hot day or after a run, with lots of ice! I round off my breakfast with my favorite raspberry tea, although the original flavor is what you’ll find in a travel container in my handbag. Take a look at my yummy Herbalife breakfast pics below!

I’m blessed with a great immune system and I haven’t had the flu for more than 10 years now. While two shakes a day provides many of the vitamins and minerals I need, I also love to supplement with Pro-core. It’s a delicious elderberry, zinc and selenium immune booster and I drink it hot or cold depending upon the weather. And although I have tried other cheaper omega supplements, I always come back to Herbalifeline. It’s a great quality supplement with none of the nasty after taste.

So there you have it! The Herbalife product range includes targeted nutrition for sports, muscle gain and weight loss. There are some delicious snack options too. I have a few favorites which I take every single day. And this was all that was needed to eventually convince me to join the business!

Take a look at my pics! It gets me very excited when I tell others what I like about Herbalife!

I eat with my eyes first so I make my shakes look as delicious as they taste 😋
This time made with yoghurt and a delicious berry compote.
Herbalife breakfast while working on the patio. This is our lemon cheesecake recipe.
You don’t need to feel deprived. This delicious stack of pancakes only has two eggs added to the normal shake recipe!

If you have even the tiniest interest in hearing about the business, see my home page and contact me! I have two cousins in the business and both earn 6 figure monthly incomes. Now that’s nothing to be sneezed at!

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