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Because of the pandemic and lockdown, so many people have lost their jobs and are looking for a new way to take home an income. I was one of those people!

One week after lockdown started in South Africa, I was advised that my contract would not be renewed. And just like that, I was unemployed. And I went from earning a 6 figure income to no income at all. Finding another contract has been difficult. Eighteen months ago, I was still getting interviews. This year, nothing. And because I’m also 65, people immediately think old, vulnerable, slow, out of date, etc.

I didn’t hesitate. I have family members in the Herbalife business who are earning 6 figure incomes. Because of them, I have been using Herbalife products on and off for years. And so I decided to join them and become an independent Herbalife distributor.

The opportunity to join Herbalife was first offered to me many years ago. At the time, I didn’t think that I needed the opportunity because I was already a successful project manager earning a generous income in one of the largest banks in Africa.

With hindsight, it was the wrong decision. After being retrenched two years ago, I have struggled to hold down a contract for longer than 6 months at a time. I no longer have a regular income while family and friends who did take up the offer all those years ago are still earning 5 and 6 figure monthly incomes.

It is never too late to start earning an income with Herbalife! The business has tripled in South Africa in the last 3 months. And while other companies are closing down, Herbalife has reported phenomenal year on year growth globally. I am now working to build a team of independent consultants to take advantage of the phenomenal growth in demand.

I am looking for people who are energetic self starters, eager to learn, who enjoy meeting new people and who love helping others. They will get all the training and personal coaching that they need to succeed, so no prior experience required. And with Herbalife, they don’t need to be a salesperson! Because our aim is not to sell Herbalife products.

Do you know anyone who may be interested? If you do, please direct them to my blog and this post. You will be doing me a great favor and very possibly filling a need for others.

So what’s this opportunity all about? Skip this section if you’re not interested. But you may be intrigued by what you learn about f you do read on!

Firstly, this opportunity sets people up in their own business! I know young people in their twenties as well as people in their sixties who have taken up this opportunity and who are now business owners. Age is not a barrier. There is no retirement age. There are no retrenchments. This resonates deeply with me as you can probably imagine.

Secondly, this is a work from home business. Distributors determine their own hours and can do the business part time. Many people start this way. This is a great opportunity to start building a passive income. Many people underestimate just how much they will need when they retire. I was told I needed 8 times my annual salary. I nearly had a heart attack. There is no such thing as starting too early. And the best news? Children can inherit the business and the passive income that goes with it!

Thirdly, we provide absolutely everything that new distributors need to succeed. We provide the proven recipe for success, we hold your hand as much as you want, we provide free training twice a week as well as free personal development and coaching for as long as necessary. The support structure in this organization is phenomenal. You need never feel alone ever again.

Finally, Herbalife is synonymous with good nutrition. Herbalife provides an easy way to strengthen your immune system and to improve your health. In this global pandemic, that is a plus for anyone. The delicious shakes double up as a multivitamin for your family, are quick and easy to make, can be taken with you on the go and are exactly what busy executives, tired parents and active children need!

If you know of someone, who like me, may be desperately looking for a way to take home an income, please tell them about this opportunity. It always amazes me who finds this opportunity interesting. A decade ago, you would never find twenty year olds doing this business. But social media has helped many college students become millionaires before graduation. So best not to pre-judge.

Thank you for reading and for sharing my message! I look forward to helping as many people as I can to begin their own journey to financial freedom.

Age 65. Healthy body, healthy mind, financial freedom.

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