Where in the world have I been?

I’ve been MIA for many months now. And I’ve missed my friends here! But I’m back and hopefully won’t stay away so long again.

I started an Instagram account and have been learning how to grow followers there. It is so different from a blog! I’ve learnt how to curate my posts, but I still get it wrong! So for me it has been hectic. I post twice a day and it seems that I still lag so many of my peers.

What I have enjoyed very much though is learning how to compose eye catching pics! I’m a point and shooter so it’s been quite an education to pay so much attention to the background and the light. But I was asked if I wanted to collaborate with a clothing company just last week, so it seems that I may be doing something right!

I also have a Facebook account and have found the joys of the WhatsApp status! These aren’t curated at all. I’m far more relaxed and am happy to use any pic that I take. I will also reuse content on these platforms, whereas Instagram is always new content.

It’s Sunday today and the weather forecast was cold, overcast with rain. And I decided that I would make a Chinese winter melon dish that we haven’t had for years! Well, it is sweltering! But luckily, it wasn’t too hot to still enjoy the chicken and the winter melon. We just need to keep the soup for another day!

Chinese winter melon and chicken soup

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