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Farewell. Stay in touch!

Stay in touch! Follow me on Instagram. I’ve just cancelled my subscription. I haven’t blogged for a year and feel that it’s a waste to renew the subscription. It’s been great getting to know you all! Thank you for letting me peep into your lives. May you all continue to live the most fabulous… Continue reading Farewell. Stay in touch!

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Business Opportunity

Because of the pandemic and lockdown, so many people have lost their jobs and are looking for a new way to take home an income. I was one of those people! One week after lockdown started in South Africa, I was advised that my contract would not be renewed. And just like that, I was… Continue reading Business Opportunity


Cultivating a Positive Brain for 2019

Some of you may recall that I posted a daily piece on gratitude for 21 days shortly after being retrenched in order to keep myself in a positive mindset. I tried to include at least three positive observations for the day and it was harder than I thought it would be. There were days when… Continue reading Cultivating a Positive Brain for 2019